Dear honor guests of our website, National Center for Zoonotic Diseases’ and other branches’ workers.

Our mission is organizing activities to decrease human morbidity and mortality by reducing risk of infection and organizing surveillance, control, early warning and response measures based on scientific research of natural epidemic zoonotic diseases. Our pride is seniors and workers who is working for our mission. We know that our successes roof is supports of organizations and people who is working together with us.

In last years, the frequency of new and re-emerging infections is increasing and reaching public health serious problems. It is demanded more responsibility, knowledge, vigilance and collaboration from us. Therefor we are attempting to implement concept of “One Health”, to develop cross sectoral collaboration and to be supported state, local and collaborating organizations and people.We appreciate for your supports and collaborations and hope that our multilateral collaborations will continue successfully. We wish all success and well for you.

Sincerely N.Tsogbadrakh

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