Department of administration, planning, human resource and statistic

  • To determine future objectives and vision of NCZD, medium-term strategic plan in accordance within health sector policy documents for implementation
  • To implement the sectoral human resource development policies and related laws, regulations, orders and decisions of health sector and to estimate and planning human resource needs, to develop standard of occupational safety, to define the needs of organizational human resource, and to draft job description, and to organize the implementation of the occupational safety standards
  • To organize early warning  and response measures during epidemic zoonotic disease with natural foci and effective cooperation with local health organizations and  to assess risk to ensure willingness of services

Department of professional support

  • To draft national program, strategic plan, to determine policies and direction of early warning, response measures, and to provide professional guidance
  • To organize the study and epidemic surveillance of zoonotic diseases based on process and indicators and to define the risk level of human and natural foci
  • To make laboratory tests to the probe related with zoonotic disease’s clinical, epidemic, ambient, infection holder /container/, transmitter animals and bioterrorism and to confirm the results.
  • To supply microbiological culture media, color reagents, solutions, and diagnostic bacteria pharynx and to improve technology of the biotechnology industry

Department of public health, training and researches

  • To organize researches and create databases, and to elaborate a recommendation of zoonotic diseases
  • To develop recommendation for introducing international medical achievements, and to improve  cooperation with international organizations and to organize national research conferences, meetings, and workshops
  • To create informational safety system for implementing available processes to informational safety and to cooperate with the relevant organizations of network security

Department of finance, economic and supply services

  • To estimate significantly funding, to formulate budget and investment proposals, to calculate cost and results of organizational activities and units and to take measures to improve fiscal efficiency
  • To account under related international standards and within the framework of the Law of Budget, Accountancy, Openness of Account and other related legal documents
  • To provide accounting data to administrations, to collect financial reports, to organize preparation of clarification, and to implement registration of properties and control them

Department of quality, monitoring and internal audit

  • To organize effective activities to improve quality and to introduce quality management system of natural foci and zoonotic diseases’ care
  • To monitor and evaluate the implementation of the organization’s strategic plan, and to make a systematic assessment of organization’s certain functions
  • To develop and enforce clinical guidelines, standards based on WHO’s recommendations and international evidence bases technologies

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